8 excellent ideas for patio

How to make a patio in your yard stylish and pleasant? There are several well -working ways.

one. A circle. The courtyard does not have to have a rectangular shape. The courtyard made in the form of a semicircle gives the atmosphere of relaxation.

2. Calm soft atmosphere. If you combine the lawn with a patio, planting in the middle between tiles a flower garden of perennial plants and flowers, then this will give a patio a sense of seclusion. The higher they are, the better.

3. Round rug. Can be placed on the tile floor of a carpet made of a surface pleasant to the touch. This is suitable if the courtyard is protected by a canopy.

four. Add Patio of lighting. Lighting gives a well -to -heat and cozy atmosphere well, and it also increases visibility and scares away thieves.

5. The fountain. Nothing gives such calmness and serenity as a fountain. With the fountain, your garden will be the true personification of beauty.

6. Courty party. In the summer, people try to spend more time in the fresh air. Put a barbecue-patch in the yard or purchase an independent module. To protect against the weather, you can install a canopy.

7. We put the hearth. Build or purchase a round hearth from a good, durable material. It is convenient to make a fire on such a hearth, and for a round bars, a barbecue can be used coals.

eight. Wind music. A series of bells — a traditional accessory for Patio. It looks stylish and will help to tune in to a pleasant wave.

An artificial stone called Rustik can play the role of facing tiles when decorating the interior. A wide range of decorative surfaces can completely imitate natural stone or be made «under brick». The advantage of «rustic» is small weight.