About lighting in landscape design

Landscaping allows you to get a maximum of aesthetic pleasure from the appearance of the garden. When using lighting, staying in the garden will be comfortable even in the evening. Experts competently think through the landscape lighting system, which allows you to easily navigate in the garden.As a rule, they use artificial backlight for steps, flower beds, bends of paths and recreation areas. The landscape design of the garden using lighting receives a new mysterious and mysterious look, so the owners often have a desire to drink tea in the evening on the street in the evening.

Artificial lighting in the garden performs the following functions:

Safe and comfortable stay in the dark on the site — the likelihood of injuries and cases of offenses is significantly reduced (the illuminated area rarely causes interest among robbers);

the creation of decorative light effects, due to which the perception of the landscape changes.

It is important to consider that lighting devices are necessarily installed:

At the entrance (at the entrance, parking), spotlights with sensors that respond to movement are used;

On paths and bends, small lamps are more expensive, which do not blind in the evening and noticeable during the day;

In large areas, lamps are mounted with a support of up to 2 m high.

Also, lamps can radiate different color. Often illuminate water bodies, while experts advise installing devices in some places.

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