Acrylic bath — an obvious choice

Acrylic bathtubs are more and more confident with cast -iron and steel. Their popularity is easily explained by a number of obvious advantages. The main advantage of acrylic baths is a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors that no other material gives. Round, square, corner and oval, wave -like and familiar rectangular, non -standard sizes and depths — there is an option for any bathroom design.

Acrylic baths are different in quality and are represented in a wide price range. If for you a decisive factor is the ability to save, you can choose an inexpensive bath combined from two types of polymers, with an acrylic layer of small thickness. If a true quality is determining for you, it makes sense to pay attention to the elite vayer baths made of 100%casting homogeneous acrylic.

The advantages of the acrylic bathtub are guaranteed to you in any case. The acrylic surface is pleasant to the touch, unlike cold cast iron and steel. Water in the acrylic bathtub cools 5 times slower than in cast -iron. Acrylic baths have impact resistance, they are not threatened with chips in the event of heavy objects falling. Small scratches are easily polished, and the bath again acquires an ideal glossy look. Acryl is a highly hygienic surface, its structure devoid of porosity prevents the propagation of bacteria. The surface of acrylic baths is not slippery, unlike enameled. The stability of the color should be noted, since the coloring is not superficial, but throughout the thickness of the material.

It is necessary to know some features of the operation of acrylic baths to extend their service life. You cannot pour boiling water on the surface so as not to deform acrylic. It is undesirable to bathe in the bath of pets, in order to avoid the appearance of scratches, since acrylic is less firm material than cast iron. Abrasive materials and substances should not be used to care for the acrylic bathroom.