Acrylic or enamel what to choose?

The restoration of the bathtub in our time is a rather popular way to renew and refresh this item, give it like that, tell the bath a second life. In addition, such restoration work is much cheaper than buying a new bath, so people try to resort to this way of updating. It is worth noting that there are two types of restoration, or rather, repairs using two different materials. The first material enamel can already be said to have outlined himself, or rather, speaking it, replaced ordinary acrylic from the restoration market. Acrylic coating, almost nothing different from enamel in appearance, but has a lot of positive features. So, for example, acrylic has increased wear resistance, sealed, in terms of life exceeds two decades, and besides, such a material is considered environmentally friendly to be proven more than once. Perhaps the only minus of acrylic material is its price, both for the coating itself and for its installation. It is also quite difficult to find a specialist who becomes the so -called acrylic liner to the bath. Difficult, but still possible. This option is special for the restoration for people who recently made repairs in the bathroom, made the general style so to speak, and the color of the bath did not fit the design of the room. Acrylic liners can be made in color selected by the customer and at the same time, the price does not increase. Work is done quite quickly if the specialist is competent and has enough experience. Typically, the entire restoration procedure takes no more than 2 hours, and after a day you can use the bathroom. After such an update, it is worth noting that the price of the bathtub itself increases quite strongly, so if the idea of ​​selling it comes to mind, you can not only recoup restoration, but also make some money from above.

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