Aerogril — Tashkent lawn center

Aerogril is today a miracle of technology. And this is no exaggeration and not advertising of the new item. The case is that the Airgril combines the functions of many kitchen devices — plates, microwaves, ovens, deep fryer, electric shutter, toaster, smokehouse, grill, including the Russian stove (special function of «languor»).The aerogrill of the plastic case (various design and color), a glass flask, a special heating element, a fan, control panels and sets of devices for the manufacture of different dishes. As a rule, this is a certain number of gratings, a special chicken nozzle, a set of skewers, a lid stand, a mesh baking sheet, which makes it possible to prepare a certain number of dishes in parallel, a specialized expansion ring. In some models in the control panel there is a special program of independent wash of the flask. This is fundamentally, because besides the rest of its own “talents” the grill is also famous for the fact that it is not necessary to wash it manually — just add water, a special tool and click the button. It is also comfortable that in the Aerogril you can regulate not only the temperature (70-270 degrees), but also the speed of air flows, which makes it possible to eliminate the move of food.

For lovers of a healthy diet, a surprise will also be that when cooking you can do without oil and fats. In addition, excess fat in the product itself flows down the flask, which contributes to the fact that your dish will be less high -calorie.

It is probably easier to make a list of what does not have the ability to cook the grill, since it is actually capable of everything: you can warm food in it, it will very deliciously get a grill and barbecue meat, you can smoke a sausage and meat, bake the pie, defrost the fish and the fish. fillet, sterilize banks, dry mushrooms and berries and so on.