Align the land for the lawn

What owner of a private house does not dream of a flat lawn in front of him, so reminiscent of American films about a beautiful life? But the transformation of the Earth usually begins with its alignment. And depending on the condition of the site, sometimes the rental of an auto crane and the order of the excavator may be required. And sometimes there are enough shovels.

Various options

If the site is almost even, only forks, rake, shovel, building level and long beam are needed. To bring the surface to an ideal state, it will be necessary to remove the fertile soil layer and temporarily fold in the corner of the site. Then pour the soil for alignment, using pegs with marks, the land should reach the land. These devices should be deepened at a certain distance and aligned using a bar and the construction level at the upper ends.

Popular ways to create a lawn today, using additional devices, is a lawn using a concrete coating or a lawn lattice. In both cases, slabs of certain dimensions are used. Manufacturers offer different options, and, perhaps, if you have a large site, you will even have to use a service such as renting a manipulator if the choice is made in favor of massive elements. Standard plates are most often squares 50×50 cm. There may be slabs-straight-angles. Before laying them, you need to not only level the land, but also prepare it for further load. After aligning the site, a layer of gravel is placed on it, sprinkled with a layer of small gravel mixed with sand. The third layer is only sand. Tiles are already laid on it.

Convenient device — roll lawn. It is a tape, the average width of which is about one and a half meters, the length is about two. One square meter of lawn weighs 8-15 kg. Preparing the site here is easier than in the previous case. It is often enough to get rid of stones, weeds and hollows, and then walk on the ground with a rink.