All about superglue: types, scope of application, advantages and key features

Super glue, also known as cyanoacrylate glue, is a versatile adhesive widely used in daily life and various industries. This product is characterized by fast gluing, durability and universal use. Anyone can buy superglues from the company at affordable prices.

Main varieties

The most common type of superglue is regular one. It features fast cure times, often in less than 30 seconds, and a strong bond. Gel superglue has a thick consistency, which makes it ideal for vertical and inclined gluing. It has a longer positioning time compared to conventional types. Super glues with extended gluing time are especially popular. This type of superglue allows a longer time for positioning to be corrected before final hardening. It is usually used for more complex projects. Filling Super Glue is designed to fill gaps and cracks, providing a stronger bond when surfaces are loose.


Superglue works great for gluing a variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, ceramic and fabric. However, before use, ensure that the surfaces of the materials are clean and dry. In addition, super glues can be used to repair various items, including toys, dishes, furniture, shoes and much more. It can help restore integrity and functionality. Superglue is a great tool for art and craft projects. It can be used to create jewelry, models, wood paintings and more. Super glues can be useful for temporary vehicle repairs, such as gluing interior parts or fixing minor damage.

Superglue is a convenient and effective adhesive that is used in many areas of our lives. However, remember to be careful and follow the instructions for using each specific type of superglue. If you cannot navigate the choice of glue, you should consult with specialists. It is also important to maintain safe use rules. Superglue should be used taking into account the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. You can buy superglues from Adhesiveguru on favorable terms.