American picture

We all saw in the cinema what beautiful houses in which the heroes of the film live. They fascinated and amazed us. You can only dream of such houses, as if from a picture, but today this dream can be turned into reality.

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And not only in appearance American houses are attractive. Such a house holds the temperature perfectly, environmentally friendly and very convenient. And it is especially beneficial in that it does not need a lot of time to build it, and most importantly, a big savings in the funds.

For the construction of such a house, heat insulation panels are used. There is a big plus that such houses are great, both for the climate of Ukraine and for central Russia. In hot weather in such a house it is cool, in winter heat. The walls of such a house can safely withstand the temperature from +50 to -50. Such a house can serve a person under a hundred years. He is able to withstand not only the temperature difference, but also large snow loads, winds and hurricanes and even earthquakes about eight points. In such a house you can live comfortably even in the most extreme conditions. Outwardly, these houses are simply beautiful and attractive.

This technology for building houses is suitable for both the city and the village. There is very little time for construction, and effort. Panels for assembling such a house are made on a special equipment for this equipment. You do not need a whole team of builders, three people will be enough. Such panels consist of polystyrene foam and chip plate. You will need boards of different lengths for fastening.

If you live in the city and you have a dream of a house outside the city, buy land. Build a house using this technology, you will not only save a lot, but also find a dream house that you saw in foreign films. And your unattainable dream will become a reality.