Analysis of the use of the fund

The distribution of salaries compared to the plan for hourly, day and monthly funds most clearly reveals deviations from the plan or shift compared to the previous comparable period.

With such an analysis, it is easy to establish expenses that are not planned, for example, re -expansions from normal working conditions, to correct marriage, unloading defective excessive bricks, etc. D., as well as payment of work carried out at the wrong time, and t. P.

In this way, you can set the specific gravity of premiums for a progressive surcharge compared to the plan and identify the reasons for the deviations for this indicator from the plan, due to which it is possible to identify areas where the production standards are understated.

Based on the results of the analysis of the expenditure of the wage fund, it should be developed and implemented specific measures aimed at eliminating deviations from the plan for all types of wages and overlapping the allowed overspenders by economical expenditure of wages, streamlining the production standards and the number of workers.

A systematic decrease in the cost of production serves as the main source of intra -industrial savings. In this regard, the constant monitoring of the passage of the plan for this indicator and a deep study of all the elements that form the cost of production is important.

A qualitative analysis of the cost of production is possible only if the organization of accounting reflects the cost of funds for production.

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