And again about ceramic tiles

If you are interested in marble steps, go to the site . Stones made of stone look elegant and rich. The stone has excellent strength and therefore can be installed both inside and outside the room. Granite cladding is very beautiful when all the elements of the design of the stairs (railings, pillars, risers) are made of this material.

It is known that the most visited places in the house, whether it be private housing or apartment — is a bathroom and a kitchen. Note that no matter how the fantasy of modern designers in color and the texture of the decoration of these premises, but much depends on the color of modern designers and the texture of the decoration of these premises. Kitchen, bathrooms, and at present, more and more often living rooms are formed with ceramic tiles. In the event that you want you to have a beautiful and harmonious interior, perfectly combined with rather serious hygienic requirements, then you should stop in choosing on the tile.

Increased moisture resistance, and in some models and acid -resistance, excellent appearance, a unique opportunity to vary many colors and embody personal ideas certainly raise the quality of ceramic tiles is much higher than competitive materials.

Many of the products from the papillary can be divided into two main types of production method. 1- monocottournaya and 2- bicottural. It should be noted that the process of manufacturing all ceramic tiles usually consists of the following stages: mixing a mixture of natural clay or ordinary gypsum with quartzites, then there is a molding (no -different — pressing), the following stages are coloring, glazing and, as a result, firing.

Monocottura is called a tile of light clay with a single firing, which has a large thickness, a larger degree of firing and a stronger pressing. Bikottura is called tiles of light clay, often with the addition of gypsum as a relief pattern.