Aquarium and a filter for the aquarium

Photos, posters, drawings are a universal element of decor. Thanks to a correctly selected frame, they are combined with various interior styles. There are the basic principles of the selection of a frame and a passage for image that will allow you to get a qualitative result.

The choice of material and color color is the responsible stage of the design. Depending on the decorative function, the frame can give completeness to the image, or be a continuation, can serve as an element of the transition between the wall and the image, or it is used as a decorative element of the interior. External filter for the JBL E1901 Aquarium must be chosen in the color of the frame.

The use of the prevailing in the image of the color is a classic option, in which photography and baguette are combined into one whole. Often black and white images are made into a thin black frame. This option is universal and looks stylish. It is advisable to avoid a wide black baguette, it makes the image gloomy.

For a modern style for the design of residential, office premises, designers recommend metal frames. The main material for them is aluminum. The metal frames look stylish and expensive. Due to its strength, the metal frames are often used to design images of large sizes.

Wooden baguettes are traditional. This type of material allows you to give the frames a wide variety of surfaces. The texture of such frames gives comfort and special heat. For images, it is recommended to choose the frames of one tone with a simple profile. For black and white photos, it is optimal to choose a dark tree. Noble and undoubtedly, photos in polished wood frames that coincide with the color of furniture of the room look expensive.

If desired, it is possible to use the Passpart. Keep in mind that it is better to choose the color of the pasparte lighter than the color of the frame. Using these recommendations in practice, remember the main thing — you should like the result of the design!