Are window glasses similar?

Standard double-glazed windows consist of 2 or 3 glasses broken by a distance frame. In the space between the glasses, a vacuum was artificially created or it is filled with inert gas (argon, xenon, crypton). In cheap models, ordinary air is pumped between the glasses. Wheel -glazed windows can own high stability and durability if the glass have various coatings, which, but increase the price of the window. When glazing huge surfaces — especially on the southern and western sides — it is worth choosing windows with glasses that protect from overheating. There are two types of such glasses: reflex (in other words reflecting the sun’s rays) with the finest iron spraying, and absorbing radiation (painted in different colors). Additional characteristics increase the price of a window by about 20%.

In houses on the streets with a rich movement, near the airfield or steel road, it is most perfect for using sound -absorbing double -glazed windows that limit the penetration of noise. This function is the most ideal to make a double-glazed window of 2 or 3 glasses connected by thin layers of a special film or resin. This increases the price of a window by almost 15%. Windows with non -hazardous glasses are used, for example, for glazing huge surfaces — from the blow they scatter into small, non -resistant fragments. This increases the price of a window by 30%. Windows with anti -icing double -glazed windows can be partially protected from thieves. They are made from multi -layer shock -resistant glass (t. e. consisting of glued transparent resin of glasses with special qualities, for example, hardened or laminated) — in the double -glazed window it is located outside. This increases the price of a window by 50%.

Attention! The shock -resistant glass does not guarantee that it will be the current barrier for the thief, but the simultaneous introduction of such glass, reinforced profiles and loops builds the protective characteristics of the window.