Arrangement and design of a country house

Life in large megacities, with their constant fast rhythm and lack of time, is very tiring. And there comes a period when you want to quit everything and go on vacation to where you will be surrounded by excellent nature and silence. A good place of such a holiday is a country house, especially if it is a plot on the banks of the Volga. But before such a house becomes a warm and cozy place where you can get together and spend a great time with friends or just receive guests, it needs to be built and equipped.

The most important detail of the country house is its interior and not only internal, but also external. And in order for you to live comfortably all the little things you need to think over to the slightest details. Particular attention should be paid to lighting, color scheme and decor. Often they are very frivolously suitable for the interior of a country house, or it may not be easier to say as carefully as the design of the apartment. This is due to the fact that the rest outside the city involves more walking in the fresh air, or rest on the river bank. But this in the case of rest only occasionally on the weekend. But if you spend the whole summer in a country house, then you immediately have to think about the beauty of the situation. About beautifully equipped rooms, as well as about a personal territory with beautiful flower beds and paths. It must be remembered that the landscape design should coincide with the design style of the house. An important role is played by the presence of a fence around the house, it should not be too high so as not to spoil the surrounding look.

Resting outside the city, people most often remain alone alone with their thoughts, and the surrounding atmosphere helps to calm down and achieve harmony with the outside world. Well -thought -out design and the arrangement of a country house will provide good rest and decent free time.