Arrangement for a private house

Many of us naively believe that the landscaping and improvement of a private house is not such a difficult thing. I must say that here you are a little mistaken. So that your site and house are drowned in greenery, so that your eyes pleased lovely neat paths and lawns, ponds and lawns, a lot of effort should be applied. Even a team of experts will have to work on fame.Before starting work, it is necessary to make all the calculations. And this froze the territory, these are details in the features of the planning of the site if there are such, this is information about groundwater (you do not want your flowers to wash in an unknown direction?), this is the characteristic of the soil and the characteristic of the relief on which the site is located. But, of course, there is one main “but”, all that you want to do with your site should be in adamant subordination of the main style of the house. The architecture dictates the conditions for the entire design of the yard, all elements should fully fit into the general concept. There are times when for a successful tandem of the house and yard, they even make an artificial slide or vice versa — they align the site. Also very often the construction of arbors from the beam is carried out. Particular attention should be paid to the tastes of the owners, and even if their desire goes in context with the general concept, finding a compromise is the main task in this matter.

What do the owners want, which allows the style of the house — these are the main issues in the improvement of the territory. The opinion of experts converges that the landscaping of courtyards resembles in general — then the improvement of houses — when the role of walls and partitions is in properly planted trees and bushes, elements of vertical landscaping, decorative screens. Recreation areas are an integral part of any yard, it is better when there are several such zones so that each family member can enjoy the comfort zone suitable for him.