Arrangement of a summer cottage

Nowadays, the cottage is perceived as a place of rest that allows you to be distracted from the bustle of the city. Therefore, more and more attention is paid to arranging a summer cottage. First of all, such a site must have a house in which it would be possible to spend the night. It will not necessarily be a luxurious mansion, for most people an inexpensive wooden change house is suitable.

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In order for the vacation in the country to be as comfortable as possible, it is necessary to pay attention to the landscape design and construction of a cozy gazebo, which will become a central decoration of the garden for a long time. Other criteria for the landscaping of the site are a neat green lawn, a fruiting garden, an alpine slide, various small architectural forms. A high -quality lawn from perennial herbs will be an excellent solution for a suburban site.

Not superfluous elements of the summer cottage will be a bench and a gazebo. Also, if desired, you can build a small bathhouse and a shed for storing garden equipment. A well -groomed garden with fruit trees will be a very useful element of the cottage, which brings harmony and peace into the soul. Excellent decorative elements are flower beds with fresh flowers, the edges of which are lined with natural stone of different sizes.

Garden paths that are laid out with gravel or paving slabs are also important. A good solution is also the creation of your own artificial reservoir in the form of a pool, pond or even a fountain. Thus, the arrangement of a summer cottage consists of many tasks and requires an integrated approach. Therefore, this procedure often requires the involvement of a qualified specialist.