Asbestos -cement products.

Asbestos -cement products today occupy a special position in construction. Due to their structure, they are the best materials that do not pass air, water in small quantities, current plus frost -resistant. And if you decide to drill an artesian well, water supply. conduct, asbestos -cement pipes are suitable as possible. The only minus is the fragility of the material, and with abundant exposure to water, asbestos slabs are deformed and fed.

From which asbestos -cement products are made? The basis of the products is taken: water, asbestos and cement are stirred in equal proportions, dosed and formed depending on the alleged form. It is worth noting an important point in the production of products regarding cement, it also plays an important role, the quality of the products depends on its brand.

Finished products are divided into sheet and pipe asbestos -cement elements.

Asbestos -cement sheets are flat with smooth texture and wavy.

Wavy sheets are of different thicknesses (5-8 mm) and sizes (1.2-2.5 mm x 0.68-1.13 mm) their main purpose roofing material.

Flat asbestos -cement sheets treated with a polymer composition are used as facing material, stairwell fences, and cladding of fire hazardous technical zones.

Hybrid use of flat sheets. This «product» can be equipped with various types of insulating material.

Asbestos -cement pipes are used as a drainage system for underground communications, ventilation systems. Pipes, like the previous look, are divided into several types:

— Undress and hydraulic pressure pipes (0.3 -1.5 MPa).

The shape of the pipes happens:

— Round section;

— Square and rectangular. In addition to the proposed species, astbestos -cement raw materials are used in the manufacture of electrical appliances and electrical insulating boards.

Drilling of artesian wells, water supply.