Avatour: features of using new software and main advantages

If the job is in the field of architecture and construction, then there is likely to be a close familiarity with the challenges that arise when conducting inspections, as well as documenting what is happening. Most of the stakeholders have been looking for an effective solution to solve these problems for a long time. It is recommended to pay attention to a completely new and unique construction inspection software called Avatour. It offers innovative technology for remote video conferencing in 360 degree format.

Key Features

It is an innovative platform designed specifically for architects, builders and construction professionals. It is recommended to learn more about the product on the website:

  1. It allows for 360 degree remote video conferencing, making it ideal for photo documentation and virtual tours.
  2. One of the main problems faced by building inspectors is the need to be physically present on site for inspection. The service solves this problem by allowing remote events.
  3. You can connect to the device installed on the site and get a complete view using a camera with the appropriate shooting function. This will enable remote inspections, saving time and reducing travel costs.
  4. Another important aspect is the possibility of photographic documentation of the construction process. There is no longer a need to take hundreds of photographs to capture every stage of construction. With Avatour, you can simply walk around with the camera and the platform will automatically save all the necessary photos. This simplifies and speeds up the documentation process, and makes it more reliable and accurate.
  5. Virtual tours are also becoming more popular in the architecture and construction industries. Avatour offers the ability to create virtual tours in a 360 degree format.
  6. Can record video with Avatour camera and give customers a complete view of the object. Such virtual tours can be used for presentations, showing objects to investors or for promotional purposes.
  7. The platform is designed with users in mind and offers an intuitive interface. You can easily and easily control the video stream, navigate the site with the 360-degree view function, and share access with other users as needed.

Brief conclusions

In conclusion, Avatour is a great option for architecture and construction businesses. With the ability to conduct 360-degree remote video conferencing, the platform helps save time, reduce costs and simplify the processes of building inspections, construction photo documentation and creating virtual tours of facilities. If it is important to find an effective and innovative solution for business optimization in the field of architecture and construction, then you should definitely consider Avatour for this.