Bars from the beam

Baths from the beam are extremely in demand today, and their high popularity is associated with the gradual revival of the construction of wooden houses. The reason for everything, first of all, their high thermal insulation qualities and the environmental friendliness of the material. That is why the sale of baths from the beam is becoming more and more active every year. People living in megalopolises simply physically and morally get tired of straining rhythm life, so they are increasingly acquiring suburban areas for seasonal or even permanent residence.

Baths from a profiled or ordinary beam do not require much time and effort to build, and the technology for their construction is maximally improved and worked out for many years of use, which allows you to receive reliable and durable, rapidly vegetable structures. They can be built both according to ready -made projects and taking into account the wishes of the customer, who will probably want to implement his interesting ideas and creative ideas.

At the same time, baths from the beam are relatively inexpensive, since they are being erected in just a few days, because they are actually built from ready -made parts that are folding together. At the same time, the need for laying an expensive massive foundation disappears, since Burs weighs a little compared to materials such as brick or concrete.

Such a bath does not require mandatory shrinkage, since the material from which it is made is subjected to thorough drying in the most optimal conditions for this. So, you can start using it the very next day after the end of the construction, not afraid that the structure will skew and lose its original shape. Moreover, it should be used more often, since water procedures in the steam room are a recognized source of longevity.