Bathroom and furniture

Few people think about the design of a full -fledged interior of the bathroom. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, the location of various furniture items, the functional control of lighting, etc.D. You should not be limited to plumbing, even if the room of your bathroom has a fairly small area. After all, you can choose high -quality furniture in this situation. How exactly? We will tell you about this now.

Choosing bathroom furniture

Before you finally decide on the purchase, you need to carefully examine the furniture you attracted, find out how high -quality, reliable and durable it is. Pay attention to how the product is painted, whether the paint lies exactly. Assess the quality of decorative elements and accessories.

Inspect the surface of the sink. She should not have irregularities, chips and dents. If you have not noticed anything of the above, try checking the sink «by ear». If the sound is deaf and unpleasant, then most likely the sink has internal cracks. So, it is better to refuse to buy it.

The overall composition of the interior of the bathroom, like the lighting of the apartment, and other stylistic features of the design, depends, of course, on you. Here you can rely on your own taste. However, it is worth keeping in mind the following: if the floor is in your bathroom with heated, then it is better to purchase cabinets on the legs.

In addition, you should not install the cabinet close to the side wall, as this will create additional difficulties in cleaning. Otherwise, the sizes of lockers and other furniture depend on your taste and on the space of your bathroom.

If there is very little space, then the cabinet can not be installed at all. Slot cabinets, which can be very spacious, will cope with its functions. You will be able to help in choosing bathroom furniture both sales consultants in specialized stores and interior designers.