Baths from stone mass: grace and unprecedented practicality.

At all times, natural stone was considered a noble material. It is especially considered the most suitable material for the interior of the bathroom. After all, it is worth considering that the bathroom fulfills not only its true purpose, but also serves as a kind of place for psychological unloading. Therefore, it is natural stone that helps to create an atmosphere of peace of mind and peace. In addition, natural stone does not have any negative effects on the human body, has a bactericidal property, hygiene, environmental friendliness, and most importantly, has a unique energy that has a beneficial effect on a person.

Options for using natural stone in the bathroom:

Wall covering.

Marble and granite tiles are used here. Tiles of both types are perfect for walls, but for the floor, it is best to use marble, since it is by nature, it is not so smooth, which means it carries, a safer option.

The texture of the tiles can be used different, for example, grinded, polished, stab and fire. Fire or chopped texture is most suitable for lining the floor.

Marble bath and sink.

It is such elements that will give special sophistication and comfort to the bathroom. It is worth noting that the marble bath is made by individual orders. A monolithic block is used here and it is processed on a special machine using computer management.

Natural stone countertops.

A stone of different textures and color is simultaneously combined here. Also, such countertops will become an exquisite decoration of your room. Together with the sink, they create a special harmony that will fit into any interior. Here you can use a sink, both drowned in a countertop and located on top of it.