Ceramzite sand screed

30 days, so much the concrete screed dries in winter, but you can align the regiment and faster in just one day, if you make a screed from expanded clay sand. So that the floor is not creaky, we protect the material from moisture. We cover the room with an ordinary film, but consider the wires from sockets should lie on a film, not under it. If the film is laid on top of communications, air bubbles appear, which will lead to failure on a expanded clay squeak. For sound insulation around the perimeter of the room, lay the box tape, you can glue it on a bilateral tape, but it is much easier to just press the material to the wall and sprinkle with sand. Then you must definitely seal the layer. We compact tightly around the perimeter in order to exclude the possibility of the formation of air bubbles.

Now you can start filling the entire room with sand, remember, the layer of material should be at least 2 cm, otherwise the floor will walk. It’s time to align the surface for this, we lay the guides on expanded clay sand, and they are shed in level. Then we level the material with the rule, move from the wall to the exit. In order not to spoil the smooth surface, masters use the so -called pedestrian islands these are ordinary pieces of plywood or drywall.

At the last stage on top of the sand we lay the plate of gypsum fiber, the edges must be tightly pressed to the wall otherwise the structures will not be strong. We apply glue for drywall to the joints of the plates, and then drilled with screws with a step of 15 centimeters for better fixation. To make the floor look neat, cut with a knife with a brown tape. This is where the screed is over. It remains only to lay the finish coating.

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