Commercial refrigeration installation and repair services in Los Angeles

Refrigeration equipment is used in many fields. It is especially important for enterprises selling food and catering establishments. In the hot Californian climate, even a daily downtime of devices can be costly for owners, so it is worth using the services of experienced craftsmen and making an urgent call by ordering commercial refrigeration repair services on

Basic parameters of a service company

In Los Angeles and surrounding communities, you can use the services of LA encing & Air Conditioning Co. Its staff includes technicians who can respond immediately to a call to repair commercial refrigeration equipment.

Among the main services of the company, it is worth highlighting the following:

  1. Maintenance of household refrigeration equipment of any type.
  2. Repair of refrigerators, freezers, ice makers.
  3. Maintenance of refrigeration equipment used for wine, beer, flowers.
  4. Repair of equipment intended for bars and restaurants.
  5. There are options for warranty and post-warranty repairs of any refrigeration equipment from all global manufacturers, 24-hour on-call service for urgent work.

A list of settlements where the brigade goes is available on the company’s official website. You can contact by phone or through the web resource.


The most important feature of the work of the company’s craftsmen is their high qualifications, significant experience and the ability to clearly and quickly identify the malfunction and diagnose the reasons that caused the breakdown. The defect itself is corrected and the cause that caused it is eliminated. This leads to long-lasting performance after repairs; the company issues a guarantee on all of its work.

Another factor that allows you to trust the company is the ability to repair or adjust any refrigeration equipment used in the USA. Specialists are familiar with all systems; the company has its own warehouse of spare parts, which allows them to complete the work quickly, reducing downtime of refrigeration systems to a minimum. This allows you to avoid financial and reputational losses.

The cost of the work is optimal, taking into account the speed and quality of the result. The emergency team can arrive at any time of the day; the technicians will bring with them all the necessary tools and spare parts, based on a description of the symptoms of the breakdown.