Coniferous plants in the garden

Coniferous plants for the garden are not so few. With their evergreen needles, they decorate the garden at any time of the year. And subject to simple rules, they will always delight with their take into account the biological characteristics of the plant. It must be remembered that some coniferous plants love the sun, and when it is not visible, pine, larch, juniper quickly wither and stop growing). But there are those that cannot be in the sun, they breathe better in the shade (spruce, fir, thuja).

2. We take into account the future plant size. Before planting a plant, you need to find out what it will be in height and width. Otherwise it may happen that conifers will interfere with each other.

3. You can not plant coniferous plants under deciduous and on lawns. If autumn leaves fall on the needles, then the process of repaid may begin. If you put it on the lawn, then it simply will not grow under a dense crown of coniferous plants. And the fallen needles will create greater acidity, and therefore the lawn and root system of the coniferous plant will fight for water and minerals.

four. We save fertilizers. Coniferous plants may well provide for their own food. They grow perfectly on fertile soil and on a loamy. But if you still decide to feed your coniferous plants, then this require only special fertilizers in small doses indicated on the label.

5. Protect from harmful effects. The dogs and cats should not be allowed to be chosen by the coniferous plant, their discharge can completely ruin the tree. Also, the crown of conifers does not tolerate heavy snow massifs that need to be cleaned in winter. At the beginning of spring, when the bright sun begins to shine, you need to wrap the coniferous plants of baggy gauze, this will protect them from sunburn. After the snow gather, you need to irrigate plants abundantly for the first few weeks.

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