Construction of a country house

More and more residents of large cities are trying to get rid of their apartments and successfully move out of town in order to finally enjoy clean air, a quiet environment and of course other advantages of nature.

It is worth noting that the construction of country houses in this case is a certain popularity, in fact, this is based on the wishes of existing customers who often sell their city apartments and begin the construction of a country house.The process of building a country house requires special attention on your part. As a rule, this process can be divided into several main stages:

one. Buying and cultivating land for further construction

2. Selection of a project of a house and future construction materials

3. Installation of the foundation and the implementation of initial construction work

four. Bill construction and installation of all communications at home

5. Roof installation

6. External and interior decoration of the house

7. Arrangement of the site

The first stage usually refers to paperwork, in particular, we are talking about the design of the purchased land plot, the payment of all tax contributions, and of course, as a result, the land treatment for construction. Often, the sold sections on the territory have various dilapidated buildings or a certain construction garbage. From all this, before starting construction work in the house, it is necessary to successfully get rid of.

Projects of houses whose price is quite affordable nowadays, you should choose based on your direct requirements and wishes for the future home. Modern architectural bureaus and various design studios are able to offer completely ready -made house projects, with a detailed explanation of various elements of both the interior and exterior. The presence of such a project will allow you to accurately calculate the budget necessary for construction and will certainly allow you to see your house before the direct end of construction, at least visually.