Construction of a strip foundation

The strip foundation is the most popular type of foundation in our country. This is due to the characteristics of the soil in most territories of our country. It can be poured independently if you show patience a little and follow all the rules. First, marking is made for the foundation where you need to dig a trench. It can be digging both manually and using special equipment.

If you do it manually, depending on the type of soil, it will be necessary to arrange with bayonet and soviet shovels, crowbar, car, etc. D. It’s better to work alone, t. to. this will be very difficult. You need to find at least one assistant. The depth of the trench for the average private house should be 40-60 centimeters.

The field of how the trench is dug along the entire length of the marking, the formwork is installed in it. You can buy ready -made, or build it from wooden boards. Install it on wooden supports. Concrete can also be mixed and cook yourself or buy ready -made, which will be brought on a concrete mixer.

Pour a strip foundation using stones, and sometimes also special reinforcing pillars of metal. This allows you to make the foundation of the future home even more reliable. Such a foundation should dry for at least two weeks. But it would be very good if it were a term of 1.5 — 2.0 months. It is also very important to choose the right time of the year and the weather for its construction. The weather, of course, should be dry. And the time of the year: late spring, summer or early autumn.

After, how the foundation will dry and get stronger, you can start building walls of the house, t. to. do masonry. Recently, builders quite often combine two types of foundations. This allows you to make the base of the house even more reliable. As a rule, a screw or pile foundation is combined with a strip foundation.

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