Continuous and transparent fences fences, gate

After the construction of his home, a person first solves the problem of the fence in order to ensure protection and security for himself and his property.

At this stage, the owner sometimes has to rack his head before deciding on a fence that can not only fulfill all his functions well — to protect and protect, but also decorate the site with its appearance.

Probably one of the primary tasks in building a fence is the decision on the material from which it will be completed. When the production of cinder blocks is located nearby, the issue is resolved in favor of the fence made with their use.

Fences options

Stopping on a deaf fence, your design will help to reliably hide your property from prying views and will ensure a pleasant solitude, in addition, it will lower the noise level, as well as dusting inside the site.

This option also has its negative aspects: solid fences in the daytime constantly discardes a thick shadow, which does not act very well on many plants next to it. A huge number of all kinds of pests will be constantly collected in this shaded zone: beetles, caterpillars and butterflies.

In addition, such a fence that blocks the Wind path is able to cause a sharp rise in air flow and its decrease. You make a whirlwind that can destroy green spaces with the upper soil layer.

Choosing a “transparent” type, you can probably track the actions that are happening outside your site. True, others can do the same, watching you. It is also difficult to attach the swing gates to such a fence.