Delicious outdoor vacation

With the beginning of the recreation season, a huge number of citizens are directed to nature. There are thousands of ways to secure a comfortable pastime outside the city, whether it be a promenade in the forest, a walk to the lake or parking in the country. Nevertheless, all these varieties have common features — so, a good rest is inconceivable without delicious food, namely, the barbecue serve as the goals.

Iron in the culinary service

Without barbecue, which has already acquired the features of an international dish, rest can hardly be considered successful. Unfortunately, many, due to ignorance, prefer to use low -quality tools for cooking. This is fundamentally wrong — far from any barbecue you can cook a barbecue qualitatively.

What is a good modern barbecue?

The current barbecue, as a rule, are equipped with a drive operating from batteries;

In addition to the metal brazier, a set of skewers, overall suitable for this barbecue, should also be provided;

In addition, this type of tool is usually made folding or collapsible.

Like user barbecue?

First, of course, heat treatment should be provided, for which you need to warm up the coals. This is done with the help of combustible liquid, which will allow you to set fire to the coals and prepare them for culinary experiments. During inciting, skewers and other tools should be removed from the barbecue to avoid open flame.

After half an hour heating the coals, skewers are installed on the barbecue, and the automation begins to rotate them so that the strung meat is fried evenly. For this purpose, one D-Batter is usually enough, which on average is enough for a period of time for about six hours. Smart barbecue will allow you to properly enjoy perfectly cooked meat in nature, without wasting time and effort on excessive manipulations with the device.