Developer in Alanya: how to buy property in Alanya on the most favorable terms

Many foreign investors are interested in buying property in Alanya. Developers offer really great apartments and villas. In this case, it’s possible to purchase something in compliance with your financial abilities. If you are searching for a reliable developer in Alanya, it will be better to contact the Stay Property company.

How To Buy Real Estate In Alanya

If you are going to contact a developer to purchase real estate in Alanya, you should know the process of buying. Take care of the following steps:

1. Determine your budget. You should do it before you start looking for properties. It will let you understand what objects are available.

2. Decide on the location. There are several popular districts in Alanya that are developing very fast. The real estate cost is still low but is growing by 100% per year.

3. Contact a developer. It is better to choose Stay Property company because specialists are ready to offer many objects in compliance with your financial abilities.

4. View properties. According to the practice, there is no need to go to Alanya. Specialists use video surveillance equipment to make you see the object.

5. Сhecking for legal purity. This is handled by the lawyers of the company to which the client applied.

6. Negotiate the priceю Once you have found a property that you like, negotiate the price with the seller or their agent.

7. Obtain a valuation report. If you are going to apply for a mortgage in a Turkish bank, the document will be necessary/ Moreover, it is better to make it to be sure that the real estate has the current value.

8. Sign the treaty. The contract provides for payment methods, features of the transfer of ownership, and other nuances.

9. Make the transaction.

If you work with Stay Property company, you could get the after-sale services. It is urgent if you don’t want to live in Alanya but you are going to rent the property.

Reasons To Contact Developers

There are several reasons to contact a developer to buy real estate in Alanya:

1. Developers can offer new real estate that follows national standards.

2. If you buy a property at the construction stage, the cost will be lower.

3. Developers build properties with amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and community spaces, which can add value and convenience for buyers.

4. Newer properties built by developers are often designed with energy-efficient features that can help reduce utility costs for buyers.

5. Lower maintenance costs.

Modern residential complexes are being built in the mountains or near the sea. Socially important infrastructure facilities are located nearby. That is why, buying a new property in Alanya is a profitable investment. The cost rises by 100% per year. Moreover, you can rent the house to get an additional income. It will be much easier to resell new real estate in the future to return your investments and to earn money.