Do I need to build an attic

If you have an attic, then in this case, you can easily increase free space, you mean living space, and at the same time you will not need to increase the total area of ​​the room. But you have a question? How to increase a living space, and at the same time not increase the area of ​​the room? The answer is quite simple, and it lies in the fact that you need to adapt your attic so that you can live in it, and for this there are already all structural elements, you will only have to do the extension of the stairs and the construction of the walls.

I must also say that if you are going to make an attic, then in this case, you need to know that a gable roof is most suitable for this, but it should be said that its slope should not exceed sixty degrees.

And if your house has a width of no more than ten meters, then in this case, you will have a roof of about 45 degrees, and this is the best option for creating an attic room. It is in this situation that you will have the opportunity for the perfect creation of the attic, but you should know that in this case your ceiling will be inclined.

But if you are worried about the fact that you cannot create an attic due to the fact that your roof is too inclined, then you should not worry at all, because the roofs with an inclination of more than sixty degrees are very, very rare. And they are used most often in order to decorate small houses, which are no more than six meters in thickness, but such a roof requires a lot of materials, including long boards.

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