Do you need a distribution shield in the apartment?

Very often the distribution shield of the apartment is located on the stairwell and combines the devices for protection and accounting for several apartments at once. The question arises: “Do I also need a shield in the apartment? On the site there is both a counter and automatic!»Installation of a distribution shield in the apartment has a number of positive points that greatly simplify life.

The very first thing that will give you an additional shield is the opportunity to make a protective ground in the apartment. True, at the same time, sockets and lamps must have special contacts, and they will have to conduct another wire from the shield. In an ideal case, this is done when repairing the apartment and the wiring is hidden. Having made a grounding once, you provide yourself protection against current damage in case of malfunctions in the mains.

The second advantage will be the ability to divide the outlet and lighting network into different groups. It will also be possible to separate the nutrition of the kitchen, bathroom and living rooms. Separation of wiring in the apartment into groups will allow you to install the necessary machines for each group. For example, for the bathroom outlets, it is necessary to install an RCD, not a regular machine. In addition, in case of a malfunction, it is much easier to determine its place and de -energize only part of the apartment.

If the dimensions of the shield allow, then it can be placed in it and the connection of a low -current network — the Internet, television antenna, cables from surveillance cameras. Thus, all connections are in one place, closed by the decorative lid of the shield and do not violate the aesthetic type of room.

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