Do you need repairs?

Most of everything is a success in cosmetic repairs. This is the most famous way of decorating a dwelling. If you are convinced that your house or apartment does not need to be completely repairing, then take care of cosmetic repairs. To date, there are a lot of building materials that help bring various projects to life.  Everyone knows that the interior decoration of the premises and their decor plays an important role in the entire guise of the apartment.

It is very popular that cosmetic repairs are replacing old wallpapers, new painting of objects, change flooring and ceiling coatings, rearrange furniture in rooms. In fact, all cosmetic repairs are very wide and complicated in its actions.

This repair affects the finish that does not concern the layout of the house and the electric and plumbing networks. There are cases that such a repair begin by creating a project. This happens in cases where the layout of the house completely suits the client, but he wants to change something. Then you need to purchase building materials, as well as equipment for construction work of imported production.

The beginning of the new repair is the removal of the old coating, after the putty occurs, then the surface leveling. An ordinary condition of a non -rough surface is a small deviation of 1 mm wall in their height. Standard deviation of ceilings and floors-about 2 mm mm. If desired, you can reduce the size of tolerance.

The larger change in cosmetic repair does not include. Later begin to finish the premises. In rare cases, windows are changed, there are also doors. Window blocks are very well put down and paint. Especially carefully stained in two or three layers of pipe and heating radiators. The floors are covered with linoleum. If the room is parquet, then it is coated with varnish.

Put the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Look at the appearance of switches, sockets, skirting boards. Later, after the completion of finishing work, you wash the room, and it is absolutely ready for use.