equip interior partitions and suspended ceilings

New finishing materials appear on the market regularly. One of the types of goods in this area, which has become known only recently, is laminated panels. We can say that this is a kind of analogue of drywall. For the manufacture of this material, calcium silicate is used. Laminated panels are used to arrange interior partitions, as well as suspended ceilings.

Of the positive qualities of this material, moisture resistance and fire resistance should especially be noted. Thanks to such characteristics, laminated panels are in demand even in such a field as the construction of fire protection systems. In the process of exposure to open flame, this material does not secrete toxic substances.

If we compare laminated panels with plywood or the same drywall, it will become clear how good the strength characteristics they possess. Even in conditions of high humidity, there is no deformation and changes in the properties of this material. It is thanks to such qualities, as well as due to the fact that they are characterized by a low price, laminated panels are widely used.

It is also amazing that this material can be used for external wall decoration. This is possible due to their high heat and sound insulation characteristics. The interior decoration using this material is also carried out, since it does not contain toxic and carcinogenic substances.

If it is necessary to finish walls, panels are used up to 7 mm thick. For ceilings, it is better to use a material that has a thickness of up to 6 mm. Since mold and fungi cannot affect laminated panels, they are used to arrange bathrooms. On a surface equipped with this material, you can glue wallpaper, hang cabinets, mount tiles.

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