Escalled log

This material, more precisely, its name is known to many. But this is what it is, not every builder can say. How the galbed log differs from ordinary or from the beam?

The beam, as well as the galbed log, are processed on special, woodworking machines, have each of their profiles. Due to the level and quality of the machine, we can safely judge the quality of wooden materials obtained after processing.

Since ancient times, even in the days of Russia, the buildings were cut down, adjusting one log to another. They took shape in one wall, with the alternation of a thick and thin end. Yes, sometimes this way was a slight curvature that was caused by the uneven of the trunks themselves. Such a construction process took too much time, was very spent in terms of forces.

Time passed, construction technologies were improved, and only with the onset of the twentieth century, the builders realized that to significantly accelerate and simplify construction, it was necessary to use logs with the same diameter.

As a rule, logs are made of pine, and this is not because it is such a wonderful material, it is just the cheapest, and in the era of the crisis it is very important. The cheapness of the pine is that it grows in almost all regions, and it is simple in its processing.

First, a loose layer of pine is cut off, only a strong core remains, which is saturated with its own resin. After that, the logs are sorted depending on their diameter. After that, they are treated with an antiseptic, and only then they will have a gallect.

Thus, it turns out smooth and even material for construction. A log house, which was built using a looped log, are extremely strong buildings. This design has good thermal insulation properties. Such houses are durable, beautiful and durable. And construction takes place in the shortest possible time, while not taking away a large amount of forces.