Eyelash extensions with HDBeauty: advantages and features of the procedure

They say beauty requires sacrifice. You will have to sacrifice a lot of time to learn how to direct it. A home beauty salon is a reality, but starting from scratch is simply dangerous: you can harm the health of your clients, and they will never return. Perhaps they will even go to court. So every master must understand well what he is doing. HDBeauty will help him with this.

Offer details

Eyelash extensions are a very popular and in-demand procedure. Long bright eyelashes are fashionable. Many people also have weak, short, and insufficiently expressive eyelashes, and extensions correct this. You just have to work with the eye area, and this is very dangerous.

HDBeauty provides professional training for anyone who wants to learn eyelash extensions. Complete eyelash extensions training and become a recognized qualified specialist! The training will be interesting for both complete beginners and amateurs already familiar with the extension technique. And even for professionals who are only separated from starting their own business by the lack of a certificate. HDBeauty issues a certificate, and it’s not an easy one, it’s Canadian. Such paper has a solid weight and its presence alone attracts clients.

Features and Benefits

The HDBeauty course is suitable for any level. Does not require basic knowledge or special training. The course covers all aspects of extensions: from anatomy and eye diseases to effective techniques.

HDBeauty did not forget about safety precautions: a lot of attention was paid to preparing the workplace and tools. Everything so that the build-up has only good consequences.

For an additional fee you can get an eyelash extension kit. It will be enough for at least 20 procedures. The composition depends on what products are in stock, but all products are professional, effective and safe.

HDBeauty cares about its reputation. The educational center understands that it is possible to make money on its name, and does not want to give this opportunity to the wrong hands. To receive a training certificate, upon completion of the course, you need to send photos of your eyelash extension work in before-after format. Three procedures, three different models. HDBeauty will respond with a certificate in pdf format.

Access to course materials is maintained for a year. However, HDBeauty promises support for life. Also, completing the course provides a student discount on educational and consumable HDBeauty products. Beauty should be professional!