Flower pots

Today in each apartment you can find, if not exotic tropics, then in any case several flowers. The presence of such has a beneficial effect on human health, mood and simply revives the interior. In order not to violate the elegant fragility of colors, and also supplement it, it is best to use special flower pots. To this day they are found in a variety of color solutions, forms and design. For each flower, the pot is chosen individually, according to its size and type of root system. In Moscow, you can buy in bulk pots for flowers according to the catalog on / on the site presented pots for flowers for any interior style.

Plants with a flat root system are best planted and wide pots, the same plants with deep roots, for example, palm trees, you need to plant in high and narrow vases. Epiphyte plants need special wood towers that can pass a sufficient amount of oxygen to the substrate.

It is believed that in a clay pot of clay the plant feels more comfortable than in a vazon of plastic. Motivate this by the fact that the soil in here “breathes”, and also heats up and cools at a lower speed. Potions for flowers should organically fit into the interior, so even the color of the pot is of great importance. Prices for such pots now vary very much — it all depends on the material, manufacturer, design and other related factors. Among them there are primitive products for domestic plant breeding, and real works of art that can become an original gift of a work colleague or a loved one. Many manufacturers in the manufacture of pots now use wood, stone, metal, pressed paper and even glass or polycarbonate transparent materials.