General rules for installation of electrical wiring

Before starting the installation of electrical wiring, it is necessary to verify as a consumable material (wires, sockets, switches, etc.D.). Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the wire. It should not have visible damage to the insulation. Make sure the integrity of the wire, calling it with a special device (even a completely new wire can have a factory marriage). The wire should also have a cross section and material from which the corresponding loads that it will experience in the operation procession is made (copper, aluminum).

To carry out electrical work, it is necessary to invite a professional electrician, not in any case do not independently perform this stage. Calling an electrician to the house and services of an electrician in Chelyabinsk will cost inexpensively — the cost of services depends on the type of work that must be done to the master. With a complex order, certainly prices for electrician services will be lower. It is optimal, if you order a specialist to replace the electrical wiring in Chelyabinsk, the installation of sockets and switches, other electrical work — due to the integrated order there will be a significant discount.

Then it is necessary to accurately determine the location of the electricity (distribution. boxes, sockets, switches, etc.D.). Carefully study the scheme (if any).

Then we proceed to the fastening of the wire to the walls, withdrawing one end of the wire in email. The point of type of sockets, switches, the other in the box (the ends should be left with a small margin). The wires that are attached to the walls should be whole (not to have twisted). In order not to get confused in the future, brought into the distribution box, we sign (which is what is going on).