Georsheet site, landscape design

Having a suburban section on the shore of a river or other reservoir, it is worth considering the question of strengthening the coastline of the site. From this moment on, many summer residents have a problem of choosing a material to solve the task.

The material for the coastal strengthening can be granite or geo -renown, which does not take up much space, light and at the same time strong, transferred to the appointed place of work without problems, it can also be useful in those places where there is no possibility of installing gabions.

The geo -reneter is a welded design, which is made of high -strength plastic tapes, which are cooked together, forming the shape of a hexagonal honeycomb.

By the way, literally two people can install a geogrid, and, without the use of special equipment, since it weighs very little.

Installation of a geogrid

When installing in a honeycomb, small -fractional gravel or sand, chernozem, is first filled up. Although in the latter case the slope must necessarily be sown with grass to create a strong retaining wall for the coastline.

The geo -reneter is characterized by great flexibility. It is functional and effective, makes it possible not only to strengthen the surface of the slopes, but also to land landscaping. The use of this material allows specialists to convert the surface of slopes that is not capable of landscaping and subject to erosion into a good and stable surface, which is full for landscaping.

And in conclusion, it should be noted that the polymer design, although inferior to the durability of the Gabions, however, it is indispensable in suburban construction, when strengthening the fountain.