Gluing and painting non -woven wallpaper

Non -woven wallpaper will be a wonderful basis for painting walls. Their most advantage is their unique structure. The basis of non -woven wallpaper is cellulose, as in the most ordinary paper. The material is considered very durable, which allows you to make wallpaper from two layers. The inner non -woven layer is glued to the wall, and the outer is made from special polymer polyvinyl. The Bakkara online store offers non -woven wallpaper Kyiv with delivery. On the BACCARA presented a large selection and the catalog of wallpaper allows you to choose this material for any interior style.

It is customary to divide non -woven wallpapers into:

— wallpaper that must be painted;

— Wallpaper that does not require painting.

Painting of such wallpapers without much difficulty can be performed independently. Water acrylic paints are ideal. It is possible to choose a paint of any color and get the desired interior. After checking the uniformity of the paint on a small piece of wallpaper, it will be possible to immediately start directly to painting the entire canvas. To make the color more saturated, you can paint wallpaper on both sides. If you choose this option, then you must first paint the inner layer of wallpaper, and only then glue them to the wall

Since the non -woven layer of the wallpaper is very hygroscopic, but the polymer is not, you can reach a contrasting pattern, just giving a little paint from the polymer layer. However, this method is quite complicated for people who make repairs on their own. For the result to be more original, you can once again paint the wallpaper, but already with a different color. There are absolutely no restrictions in this case.