How to align the ceiling with putty

Conducting the ceiling can only be provided that its surface is sufficiently flat. You can achieve the removal of all changes in the heights of this surface using two ways. For this, either drywall or construction mixtures are used.

Drywall is used if the ceiling has very large bumps. But that ceiling, which is characterized only by minor distortions, is best to align with mixtures. True, the technology of this process is not very simple.

First of all, the ceiling should be cleaned to the ground. It is necessary to remove not only finishing materials, but also previously applied putty and poorly kept plaster. When the surface is “naked”, it must be washed with water and a sponge. Further, a universal primer is applied to the ceiling. After that, you can proceed to the level of alignment itself.

If there are strong cracks on the ceiling, they need to be filled with gypsum or railway. When the selected material dries, a layer of putty is applied to the surface. For this, a metal spatula is used, the width of which is 15-20 cm. The resulting layer should be up to 3 mm. But its value is determined primarily by the scale of the irregularities of the ceiling.

In order for the putty to dry, you need to wait for about 6-8 hours. After this period, the surface is thoroughly grinding with the help of a skin. Moreover, it is necessary to start with that its option, which has large grains, gradually moving on to smaller options.

Loofing with a skin is the most time -consuming procedure of all that are associated with aligning the ceiling. Therefore, you must try to get the maximum smooth surface at the putty stage. Then much less work will be required.

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