How to choose a bathhouse for a bathhouse on the site

The main element of any bath can be considered a stove-stone, which provides the opportunity to both heat the room and heat water for bathing, and also get steam.

Such stoves are presented by special requirements, among which the price plays an important value that will save, and also so that such a design does not take up a lot of space, but at the same time is able to warm the room well and so on.

Bath stoves according to the method of work are divided into periodical and constant stoves. The design of the second type is characterized by a minimum wall thickness and the number of stones. Such models are heated and heated by gas or liquid, as well as electricity.

Various options for designs of bath furnaces

Some of them are equipped with special devices for automatic control and control. The furnaces of the first type have walls of significant thickness and a large volume of stones. With a good firebox, stones are able to heat up in the lower part to 1000 ° C. The most acceptable fuel for bath stoves is firewood. It is better not to use coal, since it creates high temperatures, which leads to the possibility of destroying stove masonry.

The best fuel can rightfully be called deciduous hard rocks of trees, but the best option for heating stones is birch logs. The disadvantage can be considered that after prolonged use of birch wood, a considerable amount of soot is formed. To remove the chimney from it, you should fel to the stove from aspen firewood or peeling potatoes.

You should not install decorative MAFs next to the bath so that they are not covered with soot.