How to choose a floor paint

In modern realities, acrylic, polyurethane and alkyd paints are most popular. The most popular — alkyd. They have one indisputable advantage — water resistance. For painting flooring, polyurethane and various enamels are also well suited.

If the room has a large throughput, then it is recommended to paint the floor with alkyd-mineral paints, since they are more resistant to abrasion. The winning appearance of the painted surface also speaks in their favor, glossy flooring looks more festive. Acrylic paints for the floor are most often used in spaces with lower bandwidth. They are not very resistant to mechanical damage, but they can be easily eliminated quite easily using “liquid plastic”.

If we consider the scale of prices for these paints, then the level of this indicator for different manufacturers ranges quite strongly. At the same time, prices can vary greatly and depending on the city and the place of sale. But it can be noted that the prices for paints of Russian manufacturers are much lower than for imported (2-4 times).

If we talk about the quality of foreign and domestic products, then there is no big difference here. After all, the brand of foreign manufacturers (if they are popular) often fake, but Russian colors are more suitable for our climatic conditions. But, of course, there are such well -known foreign manufacturers who have long been famous for the very good quality of their colors.

You should very carefully approach the selection of paint for a wooden floor and in terms of influence on human health, not forgetting about such important parameters as durability, resistance to damage and moisture resistance. And the right choice of color will make your room more comfortable, and its design will become complete and completed.

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