How to choose a flooring? Part 1

Paul — is the most important element of the interior of any room. A competent approach to flooring will contribute to the creation of a stylish and comfortable design in the house. But when choosing the coating, it must be remembered that during the operation of the floor, it will be polluted and subjected to constant and periodic mechanical loads. Therefore, in addition to aesthetic type, the sexual coating must comply with the requirements of wear resistance and practicality. To be pleasant and warm to the touch, it is easy to clean from contaminants and maintain your original appearance for a long time.

When choosing a coating, it is advisable to be guided by more functionality than the cost or decorativeness of the material. After all, the carpet will wipe in a busy hall and quickly contaminate in the kitchen. And it is unlikely that it would occur to anyone, to lay parquet in the bathroom, and in the bedroom ceramic tiles.

Types of flooring.

All flooring can be divided into 4 types: — tile; — wooden; — laminated; — floors from polymeric materials. At home, we laid the laminate Alloc.

The basis of the tile coating is tiles. It is mainly used to cover in bathrooms and kitchen, that is, in those places that are often exposed to moisture. It is very simple for installation and convenient in courting, relatively strong, has decorative properties. The design and design of the tiles is very diverse, with a wide range of color gam, can imitate marble, stone, brick, so there is always the opportunity to choose the desired option. But choosing tiles, you should pay attention to its characteristics: porosity, size, absorption of water.