How to choose a plinth

So, repairs in your apartment are at the final stage. All plaster and wallpaper problems are left behind and the most interesting thing is waiting ahead. The floor plinth gives a complete appearance to the room, especially its lower part. When choosing a product, the main thing is to decide on the texture and color of the base coating. At the same time, it is necessary to be guided by the principle of combination with other interior items.

In search of color

Remember the main rule: the shade of horizontal coatings should always fit into the palette selected for the floor. It is also worth evaluating the height of the ceiling. The fact is that dark floors are poorly combined with small dimensions of the room. That is, if the room has low ceilings and a small area, it is more advisable for it to choose light tones:



pale brown;


To the question of harmony

Do not try to collect poorly combined colors in one room. This will not only spoil the whole picture of the decoration, but also divert attention from the obvious advantages of the interior and its beautiful furniture.

Poor examples include a combination:

blue and orange;

dark violet and pistachio;

red and silver.

It turns out that the skirting board is selected to the color of the flooring. At the same time, if the textured pattern acts as the latter, then there should be the same direction at the edges from.

Types of skirting boards

Depending on the material, they distinguish:


wooden (MDF or chipboard);



When choosing a product, pay attention to that it is as close as possible to the main coating. The exception is only a ceramic skirting board, which will be appropriate only in the bathroom.