How to choose a quality sports T-shirt: rules and tips

The T-shirt is used for a wide variety of sports, for many types of work, and is worn in everyday life. The versatility of use puts forward many requirements for this item of clothing. It is proposed to purchase sports graphic t-shirts that fully satisfy the needs of consumers.

T-shirt selection

When purchasing a T-shirt, you need to study the whole range of its qualities. Among them are:

  1. Product size. Clothing should not restrict movement or cause inconvenience when worn normally or when performing sports exercises. Also, the T-shirt should not hang on your figure or be too loose.
  2. The fabric and seams must be strong, at the same time elastic, and can withstand various loads during sports activities.
  3. The T-shirt is selected so that it provides free air ventilation, removes sweat from the body and does not absorb it entirely.
  4. Material of manufacture. Items made from cotton fabrics absorb too much moisture released by the human body and become heavy. Therefore, it is recommended to choose T-shirts made from mixed materials, where 70% is cotton and 30% is polyester and elastane.
  5. Clothing must be hygienic and not cause irritation or allergic reactions.
  6. Items are selected by color and cut, taking into account the tastes of the owners and what sports they play.
  7. Fabrics should not fade or shrink after washing, because sports T-shirts constantly require treatment after exercise.


When choosing a specific clothing option based on the type of cut, shape, the type of activity is taken into account. For sports games, items with long or short sleeves, buttons or ties are suitable.

If you plan to lift weights or do fitness classes in the gym, then it will be important to ensure freedom of various movements. The fabric and seams are selected to be strong and will experience significant stress such as tension.

Shades, inscriptions, appearance are important when doing group exercises; uniformity of style is often required. If clothing is used for individual actions, then it can be distinguished with inscriptions, numbers and other individual attributes.

When choosing, you should give preference to original versions of T-shirts from well-known sportswear manufacturers. They will provide strength, durability, and convenience. Companies conduct a lot of tests before putting T-shirts into production, and take into account the comments and requirements of professional athletes when developing and manufacturing.