How to choose a wall clock

The wall clock is an unchanging attribute of any home, office and other room in which there is a person. Like floor and desktop varieties, they perform primarily a decorative function. Therefore, today the wall clock is proposed to buy various stylistic design, size and flowers. When choosing a product, you should focus on your own taste preferences, the interior composition of the room and its purpose. Indeed, for the design of the office, hall, kitchens and bedrooms, different wall clocks will suit.


The following varieties of products are distinguished:

Interior. They are an exquisite decoration of the whole house. Such watches are produced, as a rule, of large sizes and with a rich finish. These include collection products or models «under the old days». They are suitable for decorating spacious rooms, halls, lobby.

Modular. Such watches consist of several elements that create a complete composition in the connection. They are a bright art-deco style sample in the interior. Depending on the design, the watch looks good in almost any part of the house.

Electronic. This model fits perfectly into modern interiors and is suitable for decorating a bedroom. It has a stylish appearance, a set of additional options, can have an oval, rectangular, round or abstract shape.

Watch with a pendulum. Suitable for decorating a cabinet or living room. The model has an aristocratic design that personifies the continuity of generations.

If we talk about the material of manufacture, you should choose products from:





All of them are characterized by high strength, a decent life and resistance to negative effects of the medium (humidity, temperature changes, etc. D.).