How to choose lawn grass?

Each owner of its own site often has a question: is it possible to create an ordinary grass on ordinary grass that grows on the street? Lawn grass has many distinctive features. For example, every season it does not need to be sown again, from this its density will not change. Lawn grass has many varieties that differ from each other.

Varieties and types of lawns

When buying grass for the lawn, you will find all the information about the form on any package and in which place it is better to plant. This is important to take into account this grass perfectly suits your site.

When buying seeds, you need to consider the following:

Any product should be confirmed by a quality certificate;

Seeds are suitable for the climate of your area;

When choosing, consider all the characteristics of the site (soil, lighting);

Seeds should be suitable for all parameters to the future lawn.

Types of mixtures of herbs:

Fast that are suitable for the restoration and growth of the lawn.

Shadow — for areas where sun’s rays are poorly falling.

Sunny — perfect for lawns, which are exposed to the sun throughout the day.

Universal are suitable for any type of lawn.

To create a good -quality lawn, monocultures are mainly used. If you select the mixture correctly, then get the perfect lawn. The grass mixture should consist of completely different herbs. The best plants for lawns are red oatmeal, a meadow. All cereals have their own qualities, so you need to choose a mixture of herbs so that the disadvantages are compensated by advantages.

You can buy fertile soil for the lawn on the Internet or special stores. Thanks to some tips, your lawn will have a pleasant appearance all year round.

With a beautiful well -groomed grass, your site will become even more comfortable, and you will be very happy to gather the whole family for relaxation.