How to prepare for moving: tips and tricks

The decision to move is difficult, especially when it is inevitable. But in a new place it may be more convenient to get to work or school, so it’s better to get used to the idea of moving as quickly as possible and start getting ready. To avoid losing anything and feel more comfortable both during the moving process and in the new place, plan what you will do. You don’t have to stick to a one-to-one plan.

Evaluate your property

The first step is to make a detailed list of your things. This will help you systematize the process and not miss anything important. Indicate the condition of things in the same list: broken things should be thrown away immediately, almost new ones can be sold or given away. This way you will reduce the volume of transported items.

Only after this can you begin to pack the packaging materials. If you have hired a moving company, they can take care of the packing as per the contract. But if you pack your things yourself, you will still need packing materials. You will definitely need boxes, bubble wrap or wrapping paper, tape, a marker, and stickers. Make sure you have enough materials to pack everything.

Start packing

Start by packing small and fragile items such as dishes, glassware, books and clothing. It is optimal to use special boxes for dishes and clothes, as well as soft items — towels, pillows, soft toys — to protect fragile items in the boxes. If you can do it and if necessary, disassemble large furniture such as tables, cabinets and beds. Label the parts and the order in which they are assembled to make it easier to assemble the furniture in your new location. Protect furniture and large items from damage: special covers, film, thick cardboard and bubble wrap are suitable for this. Unplug and prepare appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and microwaves, packing them in their original packaging if possible.

On each box of items, indicate its contents and where it should be delivered in the new location. Finally, place valuables and personal items such as documents, jewelry, and money in a separate place or bag that you will carry with you during your move.

Actions on moving day

  1. Do a final check: Go through all the rooms and make sure nothing was missed. Check that all boxes are labeled correctly.
  2. Rent a cargo transport if you do the transportation yourself.
  3. Take care of the children: it is better if they are with family friends or relatives on this day.
  4. Clean the old place after loading things into the transport.
  5. Move your items to your new location by following your list and the labels on the boxes.
  6. After moving, start unpacking, starting with the essentials for daily living.

By following this procedure, you will be able to organize an efficient and hassle-free move, paying attention to each step and ensuring the safety of your belongings.