How to take out garbage in London profitably and quickly

City Junk & Gardening’s activities include garbage collection throughout London. The main principles of the company’s work are high speed of services, high efficiency and accessibility for all segments of the population.

City of London garbage collection gets the job done quickly and efficiently so that customers no longer have to worry about garbage collection. In addition to carpet removal service and other garbage disposal, the company provides gardening services. If you need to mow the lawn or trim the hedge, you should contact City Junk. Services garden waste collection in Bromley will be performed at a high level and just in time.


Among the extensive list of City Junk services, the following are especially popular:

  1. Construction waste disposal. According to statistics, more than half of the waste in the UK is of construction origin. This is waste that accumulates at numerous construction sites, generated during repair work. If a company produces waste of this type in the course of its work, it must take all necessary measures for its timely disposal in order to reduce the risk of negative impact on the environment. For this purpose, it is worth contacting City Junk. Waste removal can be carried out one-time. And at the conclusion of the contract, long-term cooperation in the field of garbage disposal is possible.
  2. Commercial waste is a special type of waste that is often generated as a result of office activities. This category of waste includes documents, stationery, office equipment. To get rid of this garbage, it is enough to order waste disposal services from City Junk.
  3. Disposal of household waste is very popular. This service is provided by City Junk much faster than is customary for the vast majority of such companies. The removal of accumulated household waste is carried out by the company when ordering the service, both by the owner of the premises and by the tenant.
  4. Garden waste is also subject to mandatory removal. This category of garbage includes sawn tree branches, fragments of an old fence, new tools.
  5. In addition to waste disposal, the company’s activities cover a range of garden care services. Thanks to the company’s specialists, the garden will always look great.

To order the services of the company, just call the specified number or leave a request on the website.