In order for your house to be warm and comfortable even in a fierce cold, it is important not only to build a house from materials that preserve heat, but also to choose the right heating system. After all, in the diversity that the market offers today, it is difficult not to get confused. Therefore, in order to feel warm, going from street to house, and not frosty freshness, it is important to choose and install heating radiators, make sure that they are made of high -quality material, and that propylene glycol used in the heating system will also help maintain the generated heat.

Bimetallic radiators

These are one of the most durable radiators that have excellent heat transfer, and at the same time calmly tolerate temperature and pressure fluctuations inside. And they are undemanding to the quality of the tap water. Radiators show all these properties thanks to tubular steel “insides” and aluminum shell. In addition, the variety of shapes and colors makes it possible to buy aluminum radiators for any interior and perfectly enter into any environment. Among the shortcomings of this type of radiators, only a high price can be called. But, if you put quality in priority, and in the next 50 years you do not want to bother with the replacement of batteries with new ones, then the choice is obvious.

In the style of retro

Recently, cast -iron radiators in the style of retro are very popular. These are practically works of art with excellent heat transfer and a very unpretentious character, but with a significant drawback in the form of a high price.

A good and very original option is sexual convectors. A box hidden in the floor with copper pipes and aluminum ribs is ideal for your home if you used panoramic glazing. They are practically not visible, they are not subject to corrosion, in addition, such a design evenly warms the room. The only drawback is that the content of such a convector is expensive.

But you are building for yourself, which means that in your house everything should be the best!