In what sequence is the repairs in the apartment?

Each person perceives repairs in the apartment in his own way. For some, this is a common thing, others are charged with positive emotions, anticipating a positive result, and some, on the contrary, shun this. In any case, you need to get at least a little knowledge on this topic. This will help save your nerves, reduce economic costs and time.

It is best to start the repair of the apartment with creativity: changes in the layout, design, interior of the room and, of course, evaluate the necessary work, more details on the Veshalki website.HTML.

For example, if you want to combine the living room and kitchen, while making a kitchen-studio, you will have to dismantle the partitions. The area of ​​the kitchen can be increased using loggia, when dismantling the lower part of the window opening. The loggia should be not only glazed, but also insulated. By the way, it is worth evaluating the condition and other windows of the apartment. With a constant increase in energy prices, it is best to replace them with metal -plastic with a double -glazed window that saves energy, since the heat loss of the apartment through the windows is up to 20 percent. The window box should be installed at a distance of a third of the width of the walls from the outer plane.

Further repair work involves the analysis of all surfaces. The old layers of paint, whitewashing and the remaining plaster are required to remove, as well as remove the destroyed areas of the screed. If the floor is made by boards, then it can be strengthened by hebling from nails. Decayed boards, you also need to replace.

It will not work to repair the apartment without replacing the water supply and old wires. They really will last about two decades. The old steel pipes are best replaced with plastic ones, having previously removed them in the preparation of the floor and walls. It is also worth remembering about new routes in electrical lifts for high -power electric receivers.